ABOUT MENTOR (Professional Trader and Coach)

  • Full time professional Day and swing trader with 10 years full time experience of the major markets.
  • Day traded US markets
  • Entered a month long live trading competition making 3,000 spread bet points in one month with only one break even day.
  • Developed own formulas to scan chart patterns and candlestick pattern to help traders better signal
  • Speaker at many investor events

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MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME - Private - One on One /what's going on there Come and Learn

100% 1 year email support. The course consists of 4 full days one-to-one and it will take 2/3 months to complete depending on the progress. There will never be 2 days in a row as I believe you should get the information each day, and then have time to digest it and get back to me with questions.

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Day 1 (beginners courses)

  • Technical Analysis
  • Understanding price charts
  • Bull and bear market
  • Support and resistance
  • Entry and exit level when trading

Day 2 (intermediate course)

  • Technical indicators
    (learning more than 10 indicators )
  • Candlestick Chart formations
  • Practice an hour paper trading
  • Virtual trading

Day 3 (Advanced Course)

  • Creating own formula to scan stocks (Guaranteed 100% none of seminars has taught this programme created byStock Mentor )
  • The psychology of trading
  • Trading System

Day 4 (Master Course)

  • Trading with any amount of money
  • Understanding Day trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Spread Betting
  • Live Trading


Instructing the course is Chitra Palani, an experienced lecturer in trading equities and futures and an expert in technical analysis techniques.

Day 1

Introduction to Financial Market
How Trading Works
The basic of technical analysis

Day 2

Order execution and leverage
Planning risk and management
Trading psychology  &  How to trade like pro

9 & 10th November 2017

18 & 19th November 2017



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Event Location

Venue :
Larkfield Priory Hotel
802, London Road, Aylesford,
Maidstone, KENT
ME20 6HJ

2 Days Training :
9 & 10th November 2017 

18 & 19th November 2017

Time: 10:00AM to 02:00PM


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